The Big Idea now has a small (but growing) lending library. 75+ of our favorite books plus queer movies (thanks to the Queer Video Vault) and documentaries from the former Dreaming Ant.

See the full list of Queer Video Vault videos.

Free rentals are available to all bookstore members in good standing.


  1. one item can be checked out at a time
  2. books = 3 week checkout, 2 renewals
  3. DVD = 1 week checkout, 2 renewals
  4. a member with an overdue item will not be entitled to ANY member perks until the item is returned
  5. lost library items must be paid in full, plus $3 processing fee before members perks are restored

Not a member yet?

We are now offering pay-what-you-can lifetime memberships!

Your one-time donation gets you:

  1. 10% off all used and new books
  2. DVD and book borrowing privileges from our lending library
  3. free coffee refills
  4. fair-trade, organic coffee at wholesale ($9/lb)
  5. opportunities to participate in making the Big Idea more awesome

To join, stop in at our store.

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