meet the cooperative

Amanda: Newsletter & Money
Amanda grew up in a suburban bubble and came to politics through folk punk, smoky dance nights, and prison abolition organizing. She is addicted to reading, sugar and moving towards wellness. Her strengths are keeping in touch, logistics, and loving relentlessly. Her weakness is wanting to know everything about everyone. Her favorite book is “We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change.”
Angela: Training Wheels & Library
BrettBrett: Website & Scheduling
student, punk, unabashed CrimethInc enthusiast, freelance hype-man
DarrenDarren: Events & Tabling
Darren grew up in Pittsburgh, but took a 7 year sabbatical to the southwest to learn about desert conservation, mountains, wilderness therapy, the sky, and himself. He likes bikes, cooking, baking, rock climbing, and in general things that don’t involve concrete. His favorite book is “The Little Prince,” and he is eagerly awaiting the conclusion to “The Kingkiller Chronicles.”
EliotEliot: The Boss

Eliot was born in July 2014 and has quickly risen through the ranks of the co-op where he currently holds the position of The Boss. His favorite book is “Mama, Is It Summer Yet?”
emily readingEmily
ErinErin Oh: Zines
Erin Oh grew up in Pittsburgh and lived in Canada for eight years where she studied the sociology of education. She has worked as a union organizer, researcher, video instructor, and workshop facilitator. Erin is currently interested in growing community around feminist, anti-racist parenting. Her favorite books are “Just Kids” and “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”
hillary headshotHillary
JT: Errands
Lars: Book Buying
Pablo: Social Media
Paul headshotPaul: Personnel
Paul has lived in Haiti, Ecuador, Spain, Georgia (the state), Massachusetts, and Pittsburgh. His favorite book is East of Eden by Señor John Steinbeck. He’s into theater, camping (s’mores anyone??), running, reading, activism, and water. You see, Paul likes water. A lot. So much so he has decided to spend his next 3 years becoming a philosophy doctor in water. Stop by and he’ll pour you a glass, put some ice in it, and tell you more about it than you could possibly want to know.
zoe readingZoë: Used Books
Zoë Mizuho is a dilettante. He’s spent time as a librarian, a homesteader, an office manager, a book indexer, an appraiser, a communard, a yoga teacher, an activist, a philosopher, a DIY home renovator, a dancer, a nanny, and a crew member of a floating sculpture. Currently, he’s working on starting a Community Land Trust in the Pittsburgh region. He loves metafiction like “Orlando” and “If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler.”

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