Radicalism 101 Discussion Series

The Big Idea is organizing a series of events on big topics. Join us for a presentation on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm or a discussion on the last Saturday of the month at 2pm. And let us know if you have suggestions for topics and/or speakers. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:

Stay Tuned!

Past Months:

September 2013: Anarchism
* Workshop: Wednesday, September 4th, 7pm
Facilitated by Bloomfield Anarchist Action

* Book Club: Anarchism and its Aspirations by Cindy Milstein
Saturday, September 28th
(Facilitator: Lars)

October 2013: Race Politics
* Workshop: Anti-Oppression and Allyship for Social Justice
Wednesday, October 2nd
Facilitated by FEARLESS (Facilitators for Equity, Accountability, and Resolution – Learning Every Single Second)

* Bookclub: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Saturday, October 26th
(Facilitator: Amanda Johnson of HRC-FED UP!, Book ‘Em, & The Women in Prison Defense Committee )

November 2013: Peace and Militarism
* Workshop: Wednesday, November 6th, at 7pm
Facilitated by Joyce Wagner of Iraq Veterans Against the War

* Book Club: Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill
Saturday, November 30th at 2pm
(Facilitator: Erin Oldynski)

December 2013: Globalization
* Workshop: “Globalization (a.k.a. Neo-Colonialism) in the 21st Century”: Wednesday, December 4th, at 7pm
Facilitated by anupama (anu) jain (Visiting Scholar with the Pitt Humanities Center & Coordinator of the Pittsburgh Coalition for Racial Justice)

* Book Club: No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization by Wayne Ellwood
Saturday, December 14th at 2pm
(Facilitator: Angela Wiley)

January 2014: Queer History
* Workshop: Wednesday, January 8th, at 7pm
Facilitated by Harrison Apple (artist and public historian currently directing the Pittsburgh Queer History Project)

* Book Club: Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage edited by Ryan Conrad
Saturday, January 25th at 4pm

June 2014: Feminist Parenting 101
* Workshop: Wednesday, June 4th, at 7pm
Facilitated by: Erin Oh (A feminist mom-to-be, anticipating the birth of baby Eliot on or around June 30th!)

* Book Club Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks
Wednesday, June 4th at 7pm

Presentation Title: Against Green Capitalism
* Workshop: Wednesday, July 2nd at 7pm
(Facilitator: Lars)

August 2014: Backyard Beekeeping 101
* Workshop: Wednesday, August 6th at 7pm
(Facilitator: Amanda)

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