co-owners wanted

We need help! We are currently in particular need of people with the following interests/skill sets: graphic design, bookkeeping, tabling, non-book merchandise buying, zines, outreach, pr, and volunteer coordinating, though everyone is welcome to apply.

We’re also looking for folks who just want to staff the store occasionally. Talk to us about how you can plug in!

People who are already familiar with the Big Idea are preferred. If you’re new to the area, please come down to the store and hang out and get to know us.

Either way, please fill out the application so we can learn more about you. Thanks!

Cooperative member duties:

  • Regularly attend weekly cooperative and committee meetings
  • Staff store shifts weekly
  • Develop a working competency with coffee making, café and book sales
  • Regularly perform coordinator duties (and frequently work to enhance the business through new ideas)
  • Have regular access to e-mail

This position is unpaid but includes perks, such as:

  • 38% discount on all books
  • Wholesale-priced food
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Tips from café service

You’re a great fit if you have at least some of the following:

  • a strong commitment to cooperative models
  • an outstanding ability to self-manage
  • experience working in cooperatives or collective settings
  • experience with consensus process
  • a strong understanding of anarchism, radical politics, and feminism
  • café experience
  • love of books
  • excellent communication skills
  • ability to perform good customer service
  • willingness to learn new things

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