We’ve revamped our membership policies.

As for May 2014 we are starting fresh with membership at the Big Idea!

We are now offering pay-what-you-can lifetime memberships!

Your one-time donation gets you:

  1. 10% off all used and new books
  2. DVD and book borrowing privileges from our lending library (75+ of our favorite books plus documentaries and queer movies from the former Dreaming Ant)
  3. free coffee refills
  4. fair-trade, organic coffee at wholesale ($9/lb)
  5. opportunities to participate in making the Big Idea more awesome


  1. one item can be checked out at a time
  2. books = 3 week checkout, 2 renewals
  3. DVD = 1 week checkout, 2 renewals
  4. a member with an overdue item will not be entitled to ANY member perks until the item is returned
  5. lost library items must be paid in full, plus $3 processing fee before members perks are restored

To join, stop in at our store.

Thanks for believing in us!

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