Special thanks to everyone who braved the storm to attend our “Get Organized party!” Thank you Mel and Artisan Tattoo for donating their space. You guys are always the best (also the best tats in town). Thank you for all our talent acts. Thank you to Bret for donating a Guitar Center Certificate, yobro for the onsy, espresso a mano (my secret mistress when I’m not at the Big Idea) for the awesome gift card , Coca Cafe for the gift card, The Mattress Factory for the tickets, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and finally the one I spent $14 bucks on tickets to try to get; a one year membership to PGH Filmmakers. Also, thanks to Food Not Bombs for helping lure people in with food. And special thanks to anyone I may have forgotten, please comment me and I’ll add you on. You all really helped our little rag tag bunch of book loving, coffee swilling, radicals to make the party a success. Thanks to you all. And now that you have your slingshots or justseeds or are planning to pick them up at the store, LET’S GET ORGANIZED. You’re first entry can be a weekly coffee date here at the Big Idea!

Did you know you can make special orders through us on the web? I didn’t! Just go to inventory and pick special orders and provide as much description as possible.

Hope to see you soon!

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